Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting to buy things without guilt

I am so lucky that I get to buy things for my antique shop because it also offers opportunities to add things to my own collection. I did just that this past week while out buying things on what we call a "house call." (It means going to someones home to purchase things they no longer want... unfortunately usually because of a death in the family)

This latest visit was no exception. Some dishes, some hats, some purses, some canning jars, and others things that make too long a list to put here.

My personal excitement was in several areas.
Canning jars for one. Now I only tried canning back in the early 70s when I was in my Mother Earth mode and didn't do it for long. I did move on to freezing veggies which my daughter can tell you wasn't much fun either. I found some canning jars at this house that intrigued me. Definitely vintage....
The first was called a Millville Atmospheric Fruit Jar. Sounds quite "modern" doesn't it.r

And then I found a few others that looked a bit different too. They don't have have shoulders like the usual ones do. This particular one, with with its light blue color makes a nice vase for fall colors.

I have a customer who collects canning jars and at the moment has over 180 different ones. And I hope he likes some of these.

Then I looked at the hat collection. Apparently the lady LOVED hats and was known to wear them everywhere. She had at least 50 however I only picked up two because they appealed to me. They may end up in my shop or maybe on my head. Who knows. I got some nice hand tooled leather purses too.

I bought several pieces of aluminum. When I got married, over 40 years ago, I actually got a couple of pieces for wedding presents. But apparently they are coming into vogue again. They are handy to use when having a party because you don't have to worry about messing them up like you would with silver but they usually look good. The ones I got this time arent' the fanciest, with the best names on the bottom but they look like they could be used.

Lots more items have been added to my inventory from this buying trip but these were things I wanted to write about today.


HeArt Collective said...

hey beth~
thanks for stopping by my blog... let me change the link setting and then you'll be able to just click on the image of the collage sheet and then save it to your hard drive... its a fun one to play with! i made most of the images small enough to work in some small jewelry and stuff like that!

have fun!

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

I love hammered aluminum. I have collected a few pieces. So many fun shapes! I also love the tooled leather purses you found!

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