Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time Got Away

I was doing so good on my posts then I got sidetracked.

A couple of weeks ago we took trip to the Winchester Virginia and of course stopped in at a flea market there that we like.

Although my husband found lots of goodies I was feeling disappointed. Then as I walked down the back aisle I saw a guy with a big box of old linens..... I started to select a few items I might like when he offered the box to me at a good price. So I bought it and found out what I had when I got home.

A lot of it was old lace, linen napkins and table clothes and the regular finds BUT I was delighted to discover two little children's outfits from the 40s probably. (My husband says he actually remembers wearing similar things. They were in perfect condition (except perhaps to be laundered) And here they are. What do you think???? Cute aren't' they. My husband says that he remembers those "stupid buttons" and hated them.

If you think you might like to purchase one of both they are just $20 a piece (including postage.)
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