Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Amazing October Day

I love fall!! I always feel so invigorated when the weather cools, the colors change and the holiday seasons approach.

In a Vintage sense it is probably because I have very fond memories of this time of year in years past.

When I was young we loved to go out and jump in piles of leaves that had been recently raked up.... not nice if you were doing the raking but oh so fun if you were the jumper. And I can still smell the bonfires burning over at the college during football seasons.

Of course you can't burn leaves anymore. But such a wonderful vintage memory.

Do you rush out to buy pumpkins, chrysanthemums, corn stalks and bales of hay? I love the colors of fall and hate to see them leave. The bare leaves of winter are sort of depressing until the snow starts to fall.

But I shall enjoy it while we have it.


Rachel Anne said...

I love Fall too!! Our leaves haven't really started turning yet, but the cooler evenings make me feel great.

Thanks for participating in the Company Girl coffee! Love the vintage stuff you found!

Grammy said...

Sounds like you have the winter blues too. I love all the color of fall. But it is not around long enough.

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